Opossums are scavengers, and they are commonly considered a pest because they make their way into trash cans, finding shelter in attics and under houses. Like other rodents, they break in through entry points. Mesh screens on doors and panels on attics are weak and easy for them to break through. Opossum removal can be complicated because they behave similarly to raccoons. Often attracted by pet food and bird seed, they raid property in search of easy food. If you are concerned about opossums, the best form of prevention is to seal the entry points, keep food inside, and have sealed garbage cans that they can’t knock over.  Remember that opossums can be aggressive when approached.  That is why it is a good idea to call in an expert.

We at Austin Texans Rodent Removal understand the behaviors of opossums.  That is why we offer a guarantee, if they return so do we!
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