Rodent control and removal can be very complicated with rats. Once they find their way into your house, the most important thing is to remove them as quickly as possible. Like other rodents, such as squirrels, the front teeth that rats use to chew and gnaw never stop growing. This means that chewing keeps their teeth from becoming overgrown. While the rats are in your house, this drives them to gnaw and chomp their way through anything they can find like.. electrical wires, A/C tubing, wall panels, even wiring in cars, costing you hundreds of dollars in damage.

Over the years, rats and mice have been responsible for spreading serious diseases and illnesses. They can contaminate utensils, dishes, and food in your Austin Texas home as well as spread germs everywhere they go. Rats can also find their way into your walls, meaning that they could live in your house, reproducing and dying without your knowledge.  Austin Texans Rodent Removal will come to your home, within your schedule, and get rid of the mice or rat problem guaranteed.  We will come in un-marked vehicles with no identifing uniforms as not to alert neighbors or patrons in your business to give you a definate solution to infestation.
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