Skunks are infamous for their odor. It’s so powerful that it sends whoever it sprays a clear message: Back off. These days people think skunks are cute, even to the point of removing their stink gland and keeping them as pets. However, wild skunks can be very dangerous. Everyone knows about the smell, but the if the chemical gets into the eyes of you, your family, or your pets, it can cause severe discomfort and pain. Skunks also carry diseases, such as rabies, mange, and distemper. Their coloring is famous and easy to recognize, so if you see a skunk, stay clear of it. Don’t let it get near your children or pets because one bite can cause infections and the transmission of diseases.

When they get to your Austin Texas home, skunks tend to stick close to the foundation of the house. This means that skunk removal usually relates to porches, either at the front or rear of the house, as well as spaces underneath the house. The longer it lives under your house, the more chance the skunk has to contaminate your soil and the insulation of your home. Should the skunk reproduce, then it becomes more delicate. Skunk removal is far more difficult with the presence of offspring as the mother’s behavior is commonly much more aggressive.  Austin Texans Rodent Removal understands their behoavior and can save you from danger by contacting us to remove them.  We will also give you a guarantee, if the skunk returns so will we!
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